The photo gallery you are about to enter represent countless hours of hard but extremely fulfilling work. This site would not have been as complete and diversified without the undeniable talent our passionate and professional crew of artists.

As professionally trained artisans, it is our mission to translate your ideas into a piece of artwork that is uniquely yours. From an imaginary childhood vision to a reproduction of your most fond travel memories, we welcome the challenge of listening to your needs, capturing your imagination and materializing it within our murals. From preliminary sketches to the final canvas, it is our commitment to provide you with an exquisite mural.

We usually plan our murals on a sketch that you may see exactly what your mural will look like when it is complete. Sample boards and sketches are the most important aspect of the entire design process because it provides you the client, a perfect opportunity to see exactly what your design will look like BEFORE it is applied to the surface. It also allow us the artisans, an opportunity to fine tune any details, changes or additions that may be needed well in advance of beginning the project.

Trompe L'œil - adj - (trômp loi):
Literally translates from French to mean "fools the eye." One of the most difficult of all artistic effects to achieve, Trompe L’Oeil demands a meticulous attention to detail by the artist. "The visual deception of Trompe L'oeil Art": A style of painting or effect that gives an illusion of photographic reality; a painting rendered in such great detail as to deceive the viewer concerning its reality.

We use the highest quality products on the market. Our finishes are created with the best water-based products line exclusively designed for faux finishing by Faux Effects International Inc.

Our portfolios feature an enormous array of designs to consider. Most of the photographs featured on this page are custom designs created exclusively in the color, style and technique of our client’s choice. Various techniques and products were used to create our designs. Unfortunately, the quality of most photographed faux finishes does not equal the actual finish itself. In order to feel and appreciate our work, we would welcome the opportunity to present our extensive collection of sample boards to you in person.

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Whether you want us update your kitchen or bathroom cabinets in an antiqued faux finish effect or slick modern look, we can deliver! The best method for applying paint over furniture and cabinets is through the use of high tech spray equipment. Our high volume paint sprayers eliminate those unsightly brush marks completely, allowing us to recreate a super smooth factory-type finish that is beautiful and superior over traditional methods.


  • Custom Canvas Paintings
  • Interior & Landscape Photography
  • Wall Coverings  
    • JaDecor Wallcovering
      • The demand for natural and nontoxic building products is increasing dramatically. JaDecor is positioned to take full advantage of this movement in the US. JaDecor has been tested and certified by the world-renowned Institute for “Baubiologie” in Germany.  Baubiologie is a German word meaning building-biology. It's a holistic concept that strives to bring humanity into harmony with the building environment. Baubiologie literally means, "The relationship between buildings and life." There is no higher certification. JaDecor is also a member of the US Green Building Council. The USGBC is the leading organization in the US that promotes safe and healthy building products and practices. The architectural community is specifying more green products than it ever has and we are doubling our efforts to put JaDecor in the spotlight.
      • JaDecor gives you beauty, plus many benefits you don't get with any other wallcovering: 
        • Made from natural materials such as cotton, wood pulp and dyes.
        • Unlimited Design Capability
        • Seamless Covering
        • Sound Absorption
        • Thermal lnsulation
        • Class A fire rating / Class 1 interior finish (ASTM E-84)
        • Durability -tough, abuse resistant, dirt resistant
        • Controls Humidity
        • Elastic
        • Color Fast
        • Proven Performance - over 30 years
        • Installation by certified installers only
        • Highest rating given by Institute for Baubiologie in Germany 
      • JaDecor is installed only by certified installers, and is not a retail product. We have been given the exclusivity to represent and install JaDecor in Southwest Florida.
    • Torn Paper Wallcovering 
      • This high quality wall covering is most definitely a new way to attain unique and popular faux finish effects at a reasonable cost!
      • We believe that our torn paper wallcovering is the best hand painted product available today. Our paper is not only beautiful, but also seamless, and repairable. Each installation is unique due to the random effect of overlapped pieces. The refined combination of colors and complex layering techniques creates a beautiful and unique look. A beautiful palette of seventy+ colors are now available, and we continue to add new colors and techniques. Accents colors include silver, gold, black, brown, and pearl.
  • Flooring
    • Acid Stained Concrete
  • Embossed Tin Panels
    • These panels are the latest trend in home decorating! The same metal ceiling panels seen in stores and restaurants across the nation are now available for your home or office. With the “Old World” charm of a decorative ceiling we can easily rejuvenate your decor with vintage elegance, and at affordable prices. These timeless replicas were historically inspired from the flat hammered press tin tiles used on walls over one hundred years ago. Over 100 patterns are available and the choices of finishes are endless!

Longer Lasting Than a Plaster Ceiling!

Top of the line products Aluminum ceilings won't rust, they won't crack and they won't fall off.  The material they are made from is non-porous so it resists moisture and odors.

28 Years Combined Experience in The Arts of Decorative Painting and Advanced Faux Finishing


Our clients are builders, designers, architects and homeowners

  • Olde World & Contemporary Finishes
  • Specialty Plasters & European Textures
  • Custom Glazes & Color Washes
  • Faux-Marble, Faux-Stone & Faux-Bois
  • Faux Metal, Leather & Animal Skin
  • Murals, Trompe L'Oeil & Frescos
  • Custom Canvas Paintings
  • Custom Dimensional Stencils
  • Crackling, Antiquing & Patinas
  • Waxes, Metallics, Micas & Metal Gilding
  • Fine Cabinet & Furniture Finishes
  • Acid Stained Concrete flooring
  • Tin Ceiling & Backsplash Tiles
  • Exclusive Architectural Coatings & Wall Coverings
  • Professional Interior Design & Color consulting

All along, professional consultation plays an important part in the overall design process. For those clients interested in having their home completely and professionally coordinated, we have just the designer who can assist you!

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