The initial appointment should be done "on-site", meaning one of our qualified artists will travel to your property, discuss your project at length. He or she will present you with various design ideas and trouble shoot any potential issues or concern that may involve your project, such as proper surface preparation and accessibility. After this initial visit, we will provide you with an estimate including an honest evaluation of costs and schedule. Upon signature and a deposit, we will create one or two custom samples, for you approval, before any work begins. This service is complimentary if the work is completed by OPUS FOCUS, LLC. Otherwise there is a design and sample generation fee.

There are many different variables when pricing a job. Such as how many colors (and if they are custom mixed)Ö How many layers? How high of a shine from burnishing or an old world non-burnished effect, etc. How tall of a scaffold will we need?

Additionally, for most people, a full working day consists to 8 hours. However, when we are commissioned to paint a ceiling or a rather intricate design, our create muse usually punches out after 6 hours! After that, you can pretty much forget about getting the best out of our artists! Letís say: the lemon has been squeezed to its last drop! In our business, pricing IS very subjective. It is based on many various elements such as average price per area/town, experience, architectural obstacles etc.

We recommend that your design consultation be scheduled as soon as possible to ensure you are placed into our most current work schedule. Also, please note that our pricing stays within the guidelines of the competitive faux finishing business.

Faux finishes are priced by the square foot and a one color basic glaze finish can range anywhere from $4 per square feet depending. Other finishes will be quoted upon the number of layers, type of plaster, colors and style being applied. Some of these finishes may require additional adequate substrate preparation, such as skim coats or texture coats. If we are given the opportunity to be consulted prior to a new construction or remodeling project, we will work closely with your contractor and advise him on how to better prepare your walls for the chosen faux finish.
 Please remember that surface preparation takes time and when properly executed amounts to half of the battle!

Unlike faux finishes, murals are usually not priced by the square foot. Indeed, we must consider a wide variety of factors that go beyond the square footage alone. While most of our murals are painted directly onsite, they can be painted on canvas or on other surfaces; we usually do this in our studio. Canvas murals can be shipped anywhere and should be installed by a professional wallpaper hanger. This process is called: Marouflage (a French word originally referring to sticky, partly-hardened scraps of paint) is a technique for affixing a painted canvas to a wall to be used as a mural, using an adhesive that hardens as it dries such as plaster or cement.  Marouflage is a 3,000-year-old technique. Historically, artists used several types of adhesives including a rabbit-skin glueWhite lead ore was used in the 19th and 20th centuries in the mixture to help it dry.  A thin coat of the adhesive is applied to both the wall and the canvas. Once the canvas is mounted to the wall, pressure is exerted with rubber hand rollers to smooth the canvas and remove any bubbles.


If your budget is limited and desire to update your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, we can definitely help you. Whether you choose an antiqued faux finish effect or make your existing cabinets look like newly purchased cabinets, you will not be disappointed. Our high volume high tech paint sprayers allow us to recreate a super smooth factory-type finish at a fraction of the cost. In order to properly quote you, try to email us a picture of the piece you want us to refinish or decorate and we will give you few options to choose from.


For further information or to set-up an appointment, please call NoŽlle at 239-810-2333 or email us at: