OPUS FOCUS, LLC. is a team of professional artists who specializes in custom decorative arts and faux-finishes. As faux finishing artists, we know that our clients should expect the highest quality of materials and workmanship as well as professional and courteous service, all of which OPUS FOCUS delivers happily. We strive for excellence in all we do, and our team focus is to work together towards each creative project in a spirit of “ARTmony”. With designers demanding new, cutting-edge finishes, we are continuously exploring new and exciting surface treatments and materials to provide our clients the best in quality and style. The list of decorating possibilities is restricted only by our ability to observe what’s around us and to stretch our imagination.

OPUS FOCUS can handle any job, ranging from a simple one-color application to a more intricate multi-layered project requiring varied techniques. Regardless of your choice of texture or colors, OPUS FOCUS will bring a sense of beauty and charm to any area in your home, office or place of business.  

  • Have you ever walked into a room and felt instantly at home? We take time to consult with you and help you find faux finishing techniques that will fit your style and your taste. Your home décor should fit and reflect your unique personality. Our job is to turn your home in a cocooning, comfortable and relaxing place in which to refresh your spirits and recharge your “batteries”.

  • Do you and your home get treated with respect? We repeatedly hear from our clients how pleased they are at our cleanliness and the care with which we do our work. We want you to be as happy with the process of our faux finishing work as you are with the results.

  • Are you familiar with the quality of products used in your home? Many manufacturers have seen the popularity of faux finishing and have introduced new faux finishing products. Some of the products are good, but many are not. We use the highest quality products as an investment in your home. We use a revolutionary water-based product line of decorative finish products that measure up to our standards of excellence.

  • Should you be concerned about the too common “it’s good enough” policy? At OPUS FOCUS, we don’t do things in half-measures and we don’t cut corners. Our years of experience have confirmed our belief that there is no substitute for doing things right the first time around.

Indeed, we take special pride in our team of artists who is committed to superior service, support and a business ethic of honesty and professionalism.

OPUS FOCUS, LLC is owned by Noëlle Dubié.  I came up with this tongue twister name back in 1990.  This unusual name came from my pet macaw, Opus, at the time 8 weeks old. As you probably know, the word “opus” came from the Latin word for “project” – not from the comic strip character, but my Opus did indeed resembled the funny little penguin and has turned out to be a real project since then!

You may call us anytime at (239) 810-2333 or email us at opusfocus@earthlink.net